DellaJane Vintage Fabric: 1960's-1980's Vintage

It seems odd to call fabric from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s "vintage"! I'm offering an assortment of hard-to-find fabrics in limited amounts. Each fabric has been described as accurately as possible. Fiber content has often been determined using a burn test. Some fabrics are priced per yard, others by the piece. If you order more fabric than is available, excess payment will be refunded.

Strawberry Shortcake fabric
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Strawberry Shortcake Fabric
Fabric features updated Strawberry Shortcake, 10 x 40" (Long Quarter). One available.

apples fabric
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Apples on Blue Burlap Fabric
This is NOT burlap fabric! Calico apples scattered on dark blue burlap. 45" wide. The photo looks black, the fabric is very dark blue. One two-yard length available.

Nursery Rhyme fabric
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Nursery Rhyme Fabric
$20/5 yard length
Springs Industry fabric features Little Jack Horner, Little Miss Muffet, Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue in an on-point pink grid. Fabric is a cotton/poly blend, 44" wide. One 5-yard length available.

Goofy fabric
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detail #1

detail #2
Goofy Loves Sports Fabric
Disney fabric featuring several Disney® characters "loving" sports. 44" wide, fiber untested. One piece, 51" long available.

larger image
Brown Floral Fabric
Large scale brown and white floral 60's print. 100% cotton (burn test). Large flowers are about 6" across. One piece, 42" wide, 27" long. Nothing printed on selvedge. Has been washed.

Brown yellow red fabric
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Brown With Red and Yellow Fabric
This color combinations screams 1970s!! Small scale motifs on a brown background. 100% cotton (burn test). Just one selvedge edge, fabric measures 72x36" plus a small triangle of fabric on one end. One price for entire piece.

ocean fabric
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Whimsical Ocean
Very cute ocean themed fabric has a white background with 3" ocean motifs in red, green and blue. 44" wide. Selvedge: "The Manes Organization, Inc". Fabric has been washed. Six yards of this cotton/poly blend available, order by the yard.

red nautical fabric
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Red Nautical Fabric
Bright red fabric with anchors, sailboats and other nautical motifs. The original store tag says length is 2 7/8 yds, 100% cotton, 44" wide. Fabric has been washed. One price for entire piece.

barkcloth fabric
larger image
Barkcloth #1
Barkcloth from the 1960s. 100% cotton. Design is a large-scale combination of floral and paisley in wild yellow, red and oranges. Entire piece is shown in photo, fabric design can be seen in larger image. Fabric measures 36" long (selvedge edge) x 15", with the two chunks both about 10x11". About ½ yard total fabric.

alexander henry fabric
larger image
Alexander Henry Abstract Print
Probably 1980's vintage. From the Alexander Henry Collection before dates were printed on the selvedge. Fabric has been washed. A scant 1 yard piece plus a 2nd piece 11 x 30" available of this 100% cotton, 44" wide fabric. One price for both pieces.

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