DellaJane Vintage Fabric: Geometric

Each piece is described as accurately as possible. All fabrics are in excellent condition, with any flaws noted. The notation 23"+ indicates that a chunk has been cut from the original fabric. You will be getting 23 full inches, plus more fabric which wasn't included in the measurement. Fiber content is noted when known. Fabrics may have been washed.

Shipping is calculated by the total of your order. Insurance ($50) is included in shipping charges for USPS Priority Mail. For orders where you are charged for Priority Mail Shipping, it may be possible to ship by USPS First Class Parcel. If you prefer the less expensive shipping option, please add a note when you check out. If possible, I will ship at lower rate and refund your excess payment. Orders which are for books only may be shipped Media Rate Mail.

Maximum shipping and handling for 1-8 patterns (USA address) is $10. Shipping paid over $10 in these cases will be refunded via PayPal when your order is shipped.

Due to the United States Postal System's price increase in January 2018, shipping costs for addresses outside the USA have increased.

red yellow fabric
larger image
Black and Yellow on Red
Yellow and black motifs on red background. One piece available, 36" wide, 1½ yard long.

green polka dots fabric
larger image
Green Polka Dots Fabric
Green with small white polka dots. Cotton, 35" wide, 70" long. Has been washed.

pink striped fabric
larger image
Embroidered Pink Stripe Fabric
Narrow pink and white stripe has pink design embroidered on it. 36" wide, 100% cotton. Fabric has not been washed. Three yards 12" available, order by the yard. Purchase all 3 yards and get 12" free!

striped seersucker fabric
larger image
Seersucker Stripes
Bright stripes in a seersucker fabric. 36" wide. Fabric has not been washed. 3½ yards available for one price.

pink purple plaid fabric
larger image
Pink Purple Plaid
Garment-weight plaid fabric would be perfect for a summer dress! 36" wide, 100% cotton. 5¾ yards available. Order 6 yards to purchase entire length, $3 will be refunded.

red dots
larger image
Red Dots Fabric
White with Red Dots (about ¼" across). 36" wide, 2 yards at full width. An additional 32" at 27" wide. All for one price. Unwashed. One available.

yellow plaid fabric
larger image
Yellow Plaid
Yellow and black woven plaid fabric is 100% cotton (burn test), but is thinner than quilting weight. Wonderful for a light summer shirt! 2¼ yards long, 34" wide. One price for entire length.

blue cross stitch fabric
larger image
Blue Cross Stitch Border
Border print - cross stitch motifs. The other half of the fabric is identical to the all-over print shown in 2nd photo. 36"W x 70" (almost 2 yards). Unwashed. One available.

blue cross stitch fabric
larger image
Blue Cross Stitch
All-over print which coordinates with previous border print. 36"W x 2 yd. Unwashed. One available.

blue white checkerboard fabric
larger image
Blue Checkerboard
Blue and white checkerboard (similar to gingham) pattern with shamrock. 29" wide. 100% cotton. Feedsack-type fabric. One yard available.

vintage red gingham fabric
larger image
Red Gingham, ½ Inch
Vintage red gingham fabric, ½". 100% cotton, 35" wide, 42" long. One available.

vintage blue gingham fabric
larger image
Blue Gingham Fabric, ¼ Inch
Vintage blue gingham fabric, ¼". 100% cotton, 36" wide, 29" long. One piece available.

vintage turquoise gingham fabric
larger image
Turquoise Gingham, ½ Inch
Vintage Turquoise gingham fabric, ½". 100% cotton, 36" wide. The photo is a little fuzzy, but the color is true! Two yards available.

vintage blue gingham fabric
larger image
Dark Blue Gingham Fabric, ¼ Inch
Vintage dark blue gingham fabric, ¼". 100% cotton, 36" wide, 2" short of 5 yards. Five total yards available.
Vintage dark blue gingham fabric, four yards available.
LAST YARD: Vintage dark blue gingham fabric. This is the first yard put on the bolt and is printed with "Daiwabo Yarn Dyed" "Daiwa Spinning Co" and more in gold. One available.

vintage blue gingham fabric
larger image
Blue Gingham Fabric, ½ Inch
Vintage blue gingham, ½". 100% cotton, 35" wide. Two yards available.

pink black plaid fabric
larger image
Pink and Black Plaid #1
Piece #1 of pink & black plaid. This piece is 30" W x 50". One available.
Piece #2 of pink & black plaid. Just over one yard (36" W x 41"). One available.

diamond fabric
larger image
36" W x 60" L. Diamond motif in soft colors. One piece available.

yellow orange bubbles
larger image
36"W x 66". Bubbles in several shades of yellow and orange. One piece available.

blue black plaid fabric
larger image
Blue Plaid Fabric
36" W x 48". Blue & black woven plaid with a thin yellow stripe and an even thinner metallic stripe. One piece available.

blue pink fabric
larger image
Blue and pink geometric print, 36" W x 88". 88" (2 yards, 12") of this beautiful print.
Purchase By the yard: Two yards available.
Purchase Entire Piece: 88".

pink striped fabric
larger image
29"W x 62". Pink & white striped fabric. Unwashed. One piece available.

green floral stripe fabric
larger image
Dark Green Floral Stripe Fabric
44" W x 48". Green background w/floral motifs creating stripes. One piece available.

red plaid fabric
larger image
Red Plaid Fabric
1950's red woven plaid. Can't you see Richie Cunningham in a shirt made with this fabric? Two pieces available - each is 35" W and 28" long.

brown plaid checks stripes fabric
larger image
Brown Plaid Fabric
45"w X 46" long. Very light brown fabric has several widths of stripes/checks creating a plaid pattern which changes across the fabric. May be feedsack fabric. Great soft neutral for background! One piece available.

plaid fabric
larger image
Large scale printed plaid with transparency. There is an area where the fabric appears to have a light brown stain. There is a small red stain on the back which has bled through to the front. I have never washed it, so do not know if either will wash out. 35"W x 161" (1" short of 4½ yd).
Purchase by the yard: 4 yards available. Will be shipped as a single length.
Purchase Entire Piece: 35"W x 161" (just 1" short of 4½ yd).

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